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Physical Examinations


Physical Examination of your pet starts with a very thorough patient history, a full body system examination performed by the doctor concluded by a wellness treatment plan agreed upon by both client and doctor deemed as the best therapy for your pet. Having this procedure in the pets own environment serves to reduce stress and anxiety of travelling to an animal hospital.




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Hospice & Palliative Medicine


Hospice and Palliative Medicine is a focused service with the goal of maintaining a geriatric end of life patient in a pain-free, dignified and good quality of life. It is a firm belief that age is not a disease, and older patients can be kept comfortable with the right combination of diagnostics and medical therapy and these patients deserve this care




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Vaccinations are performed on patients that have been deemed healthy on physical examination by the doctor and in conjunction with what the pet’s lifestyle, risks and best practice for preventative medicine are determined to be. This includes the core vaccinations such as Rabies in both dogs and cats.




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Laboratory Tests


Laboratory Tests are performed on samples sent to a reference laboratory that supports comprehensive and modern diagnostics for your pet. This may include blood work, urinalysis, fecal analysis and more.




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Home Euthanasia


End of life care is absolutely the most difficult time and decision for a family to decide.  We recommend keeping our pet at home rather than having that final drive to the vet clinic so that your beloved family member stays in their own stress-free environment surrounded by love.




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