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Pet Dedications

Saying goodbye is never easy. some of our beloved clients decide to put the difficult feelings of letting a pet go into their own eloquent words. Below are some dedications, written to those we have lost from the fur-parents that loved them unconditionally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all that have shared with us.

Clover 3.jpeg


A tribute to our Clover 
Our only girl, our best friend who'se been by our side, through it all. She was there for the hard times and the good times...she’s been our constant. Our first baby.
Calm, sweet and incredibly gentle. She loved to love our crew- her only hope was to be loved in return. 
Losing her has left the biggest hole in our hearts but she is now free from pain, able to run and play and be the dog she always was.
We will love you forever Clover , Ian, Melissa, Cole, Jack and Clay xo

Titan & Wendy.jpg



What’s left of me is hardly much, from the moment of your death. As all my strength and courage ended upon your final breath. I don’t know how to live this life without you by my side.


You were the one and only soul who was my ride or die. All that I was hoping for, all my future goals, were crushed beneath the end of you in such a final blow. I knew this day would one day come, I knew you would grow dim. But God… I prayed for a miracle, I cried and begged of Him I cannot stop the crying or stop my breaking heart, my breath gets caught in memories, it's tearing me apart.


United we went through this life, side by side we stood nothing seemed to frighten me and nothing ever could. Now my plans are darkened, my path is so unsure for in this loss I’m drowning and there will never be a cure. Your love was unconditional, your faithfulness so true, my kind and gentle giant, whatever will I do?


They say I must release you, allow you to be free. While I remain in grief for you, in such pain and agony. Please… let me know you’re with me, show me hope ahead, replacing pain with joy again, loss with hope instead. Your soul can never be replaced, nor would I even try, but until I find some happiness, for now, I only cry.


Join me in my dreams, my man, let’s run and jump and play until I hold your face again…….I wish you a good day!




Thank you, Wendi Heidi, for your strength during this difficult time. We are so thankful for sharing your dedication to Titan with us.


Misty & JH.jpg



Misty came to me on Mother’s Day 2004, from my two granddaughters who rescued

her from the SPCA. Misty lived with myself and my husband Jack for almost 16 years.

Unfortunately, Jack predeceased Misty 2014, then she became my constant companion and sounding board. Misty loved to be outside or looking out the window!
She would love to chase fireflies when she was able to get out in the evening.


Now that she is free from pain, I picture her running and chasing those fireflies! I like to thank Dr. Laura Pratola and her husband Gray for their kindness during this difficult time.


Till we meet again, I miss you and love you!




Thank you, JH, for your strength during this difficult time. We are so thankful for sharing your dedication to Titan with us.




One more day, just one more.
If we could only have you one more day.
This is what we would say...

We love you to the depths of our core,

We want you to know you gave us so much more.
Thank you for all of the unconditional love you gave,

If we could only bottle up all of the kisses from you to save,

One more day, it will not be.

We know you were in pain and we could not bear to see,
This would be selfish, so we set you free.
Yes, there are many many tears...
But you gave us so many beautiful memories throughout the years,
Until we see you again, so much love we will send,
This is certainly not the end...

I know you will come back into our lives one day soon, our best friend.




Thank you, for your strength during this difficult time. We are so thankful for sharing your dedication to Molly with us.


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