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About Dr Laura Pratola

Through her experience as a Veterinarian, as well as through her own pet parent experience, Dr Laura has dedicated her career to making the end of life transition as smooth and stress-free as possible for pets and their humans. 


As a Waterloo native,  Dr Pratola has always loved animals, big and small. Her passion truly blossomed during her animal science undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph, then percolated during her time in vet school at the University of Glasgow. All of these educational experiences allowed Dr Pratola to learn about all sorts of animals and how to care for them, from horses to cattle, sheep to cats and dogs to small furries.

     Dr Pratola has spent the last 15-years focusing on the animals she is most passionate about; cats and dogs. Through her experience as a veterinarian, as well as through her own pet parent experience, she dedicated her career to making the end of life transition in beloved pets as smooth and stress-free as possible for pets and their humans. Although home veterinary service may not be suitable for every scenario, there are many occasions where reducing the stress of a doctor visit in a pet's own environment is beneficial. This is a wonderful option that Dr Pratola strives to offer to clients not only for routine appointments by also in difficult moments.

     Dr Pratola started out her career in veterinary medicine working in two different small animal clinics close to her undergraduate school, The University of Guelph. She learned very quickly how a veterinary clinic runs and how amazing veterinarians are, as advocates for animals who can’t always express themselves or have trouble being heard when they are unwell. As Dr Pratola learned the language of animals, she then went off to vet school at The University of Glasgow where she learned the science and medicine behind how we keep our animals healthy and pain-free. While living in Scotland, and after graduation, Dr Pratola was able to combine her two favourite passions; animals and travelling. Dr Pratola volunteered her veterinary services for animal charities in India, Nepal, and Costa Rica, among other places. Once graduated, she moved to England and completed a 12-month internship at Fitzpatrick Referrals (aka "The Super Vet"), while dodging cameras!  After this accomplishment, she then moved to Bermuda and worked for a couple of years in the sunshine while learning the finer details of practising veterinary medicine. In 2015, Dr Pratola moved back to Canada to work as a locum veterinarian, primarily in the Toronto area, however, she has since decided to settle down in Kitchener-Waterloo where she was raised.

     Dr Pratola is very fortunate to have a loving and supportive husband who helps care for their furry family consisting of two Bermuda rescue cats; and two rescue dogs all of whom keep her very busy. In her downtime, she absolutely loves to go for walks with her dogs and toddler both in town and on various beautiful Ontario trails.

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